Five businesses that will give you free coupons

We love coupons. This free money comes in many forms and locations. Sometimes with the newspaper and sometimes even provided in stores and at random events, coupons can be found in many places. The best of these are always the ones given away for free and representative of substantial savings.

In this same spirit of saving and the awesome coupons making it possible, we take a look at five businesses that give away good, valuable, free coupons as well as instructions on how to get your hands on them right now. Follow along, and let's get those coupons. Your savings await!


Lowe's is a major retailer of home goods, tools, and parts. Whether you need a new rake, light bulb, or piece of patio furniture, this retail giant is probably somewhere relatively close-by and in possession of exactly what you need. Getting those things is certainly much easier though when you have a coupon offering 10% off the total price of your entire purchase.

Depending on your purchase total, this single coupon offers instant and very big savings. The best way to get the coupon is by going to a US Post Office and picking up a change-of-address packet. This packet is free to the public and will contain this valuable coupon as well as several others. At times the coupon is rumored to be available online, but this is often difficult to substantiate.

Birds Eye Foods

Birds Eye saw its humble beginnings in the 1920's, when Clarence Birdseye was enamored at the site of Eskimos preserving food in ice blocks on a trip to the Arctic. Seeing the potential to feed millions, Birdseye went on to create Birds Eye Foods. Today, this company is in virtually every grocery store, offering its premium choices in flash-frozen, fresh vegetables.

Birds Eye Foods is also one of the remaining companies that is rather giving with regard to coupons. As a result, getting Birds Eye coupons can often be as simple as opening the daily newspaper. However, for those wanting more, you can personally email the company and request coupons be sent to you. Happily, the company always obliges these electronic requests for money saving opportunities. To email them and make your request, go to

The Dannon Company

Just about all of us love yogurt. To maintain the habit though, one can really put out some money after a while. We've come to see though that The Dannon Company gets it, always willingly offering coupons in a multitude of platforms and venues. These can be found online, in various locations, as well as in the grocery store, newspaper, and that mail-provided circular.

Like Birds Eye Foods, coupons can also be successfully procured via email request to Dannon. Simply go to, and fill out the form, being sure to ask for those coupons. This is a no-nonsense and very direct way to get coupons from the company. Another way is by going to the main Dannon website and checking the often-updated “coupons” section.


For many years, Kellogg's has been a household name, seen in kitchens and pantries all across the country. From Kellogg's Krave to the classic Corn Flakes and Tony The Tiger, we've all seen or consumed their products. Fortunately for us, this particular company has also led the way in the unwavering provision of consumer savings opportunities.

Coupons are just the beginning as the company also offers the Family Rewards Program - a free discount club of the brand, as well as savings opportunities via email memberships and other services. Kellogg's may even be the most giving of companies we've looked at for the amount of effort given back to the consumer and their wallet via all of their programs. Go to their website,, and check the “Offers and Promotions” section. Don't forget to click the “Contact Us” button and request your free coupons.


AutoZone is an automotive parts supply company that has come to manifest itself all throughout the US. Without its help, millions of us stranded and otherwise in-need motorists would have been out of luck over the years. Not just a supplier of car parts, AutoZone makes it on our list because of its dedication to providing us with lots of savings opportunities.

Begin by going to the company website at While offers last, you will be immediately greeted with an opportunity to get a 10% off or $5 off coupon of your choice. Next, we recommend you sign up for the free email savings membership. You will then begin to receive plenty of useful coupons only available via this method.

Back to the website, you can now easily find a link to your local circular which will include plenty of coupons and savings opportunities local to your area. In addition, the site offers plenty of online, general coupons and specials that reward many purchases with valuable automotive coupons. Because of all this, AutoZone is definitely our automotive coupon king.

We love coupons and wish for you to have access to all the best that we can find. These five companies really rise to the top of the class when it comes to providing us, their customers, with a little love in return. Check out these links, send out those requests, and enjoy the savings.