How to find the best deals on eBay

We all love eBay, and everybody knows there are plenty of great deals out there. However, it can be a complicated game, where thousands of other people are looking and bidding on the same auctions you are. You know there are super deals just waiting for you, but you may not know how to find them before they are gone. We can help you get the best deals with a few top secrets for buying on eBay.

Use A Sniper Service

Sniper services have been around for the past few years. These companies place the bids on your behalf, and you get you out of the manic frenzy of a bidding war. We understand that in the heat of the moment, you are likely to bid way more than you wanted to pay. Many people get caught up in the moment, and the overwhelming feeling of winning drives you to increase your bottom dollar. As they say, hindsight is 20/20. Sniper services help you to stay within a budget. They also ensure you don’t have any bidding war where you overpay. Because it is a computer bidding for you, it is easy to swoop in at the last minute and get a fantastic deal.

Search Various Keywords

If you are an eBay aficionado, then you know by now that things are often misspelled. We have seen many auctions with spelling errors that don't go for a fraction of what they are worth. For instance, a Louis Vuitton purse may be spelled a number of different ways. Some sellers use this to their advantage and spell their listing numerous ways. Unless a shopper is misspelling the words exactly as the listing agent, they may never see the auction. Remember, not everyone who uses this site is a great speller, or even knows the English language well. Many other countries use eBay too. Try some various spellings to catch and seize these great deals formed by listing errors.

Do Your Homework

It is worth the time and effort to research an item before you bid. Let’s say that you want to find a Kenner Strawberry Shortcake doll from the 1980’s. By going to the search engine, you will see that you can customize your search in the “advanced search” area. Look at auctions that have already ended. You can see what the going rate is for that item. Armed with information, you can make informed bids or offers on the eBay value of that item. If the doll typically goes for around $50, you may want to pass on the one being bid up to $80 or beyond. Since this is a pretty common doll, you can find one in the target price range. This tool can help you find the auctions that others are bidding up out of the heat of the moment. Some will get in a frenzy over an outfit or hairstyle on a doll. However, it doesn’t really change the overall value. Learning how to play the game will save you a great deal of money.

Watch Those Shipping Costs

We have looked at many eBay auctions and observed shipping costs. Now, the transport cost can be somewhat controversial. Free shipping is a service that many sellers offer. Our first auction choices always have free shipping. However, you may not be able to get it shipped for nothing. The second best thing is to check out how the seller ships. Some use a calculated method that provides exact shipping to your area. If you live in California and want to buy an item from Maine, then you are going to pay a great deal in shipping. Some sellers charge a handling fee. Others bump up the price of transport and call it a “flat rate.” Make sure you are not getting a great deal on the item and being hosed on the shipping charges. That item may not be such a good deal if the shipping is too high. Also, be careful on international shipping. Many companies are on eBay from China and Hong Kong. While they mostly ship for free, you may have to wait up to a month or more for your items.

Catch New Listings

New listings appear in the search results with a small sunshine icon beside them. These listings are often where you will find the best deals. We know that the search results can be overwhelming, but you need to filter your results to the “newest listed” items. Many people list auctions on this site and they don't really know their value. They may also make a mistake in the listing. Additionally, they may have a great value that is too good to pass up. Find that new listing can mean everything. Get in on the ground floor to ensure you get the best deals.

Use Buy It Now/Make An Offer

The eBay service “buy it now” has been around for some time. It is a great way to snatch up those new listings. Many people don’t even mess with bidding anymore. They find an item they want, buy it now, and have it shipped free to their door. If you can find an item you want, and it is available to purchase immediately, the free shipping is just a bonus. However, the “make an offer” service is rather new. This allows you to make an offer to the seller based on what you are able to pay. Some sellers review each offer and consider them separately. Others will set a low-ball number that they won’t go below, and the computer will answer your request instantly. If you submit an offer to the seller, they have 24 hours to respond. Keep in mind, other sellers can also go in and make another offer during that time period. If the item has not had much action, chances are they will be eager to make something rather than nothing.